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WVU Offense Needs the Greene Light

The dynamic of offenses in college football has changed drastically over the past 10-15 years. The days of ground and pound play is almost a thing of the past due to the ability of players and schemes of coaches advancing. As far as quarterback play is concerned, pocket passing is an asset but not a necessity anymore thanks to all of those dual threat QB's. When you look at successful offenses, it almost always includes a mobile QB that can run just as well as he can throw. In recent years WVU has not used the services of a mobile quarterback and it has shown in the limited play calls we are forced to use. A dual threat QB opens up a whole other dimension to a playbook and always keeps the defense guessing. Now with Garrett Greene sitting poised to take over the reigns of this Mountaineer offense, is it time to return to the ways of a dual threat QB.

Garrett Greene is a name that Mountaineer fans have come to know over the course of this season. He is a dual threat guy with an I am better than you attitude. I word it like that not as a bad thing but as a good thing. This dude has swagger and realistically that is what this WVU offense misses most from high scoring teams of the past. Think back to the Geno, Tavon, and Stedman days when the air raid was prominent. Those guys walked onto the field with an attitude of nobody out here can touch me. The same goes for the Grier, Sills and Jennings offense from just a couple years ago. This season, when the offense would step out on the field, we'd see more of a hopeful to score attitude rather than a go for the kill attitude. You have to go out there knowing that you are going to score every possession. Like a shark in bloody waters, you must know that you are the most dominant being around. With that being said, it really feels like Greene is our shark and we need to unleash him.

I tend to worry along with other WVU fans that a talent like Greene will not settle for playing second string for many seasons. He is a QB that deserves to be in the spotlight, and lack of doing so could potentially cause an early entrance into the transfer portal and all we would be left with are what if's. I truly believe that Greene is the future of this Mountaineer offense. Not only does he create an instant spark to this offense, he also enables Neal Brown and company to open up a section of the playbook that has been collecting dust for the past 2 years. With a loaded defense returning next season, a high power offense would be just what the doctor ordered to potentially vault the Mountaineers into a Big 12 championship.

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