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Will The Covid Lacrosse Season Happen

With the Ivy League officially canceling winter sports, are Spring sports now in jeopardy?

Do I think it will happen?


I do think it will happen. Current events shaped by the media are showing that Pfizer just came out with a vaccine that is proving to have 90% efficiency, but when that vaccine will be available to the public is something that I cannot tell you. If the vaccine gets distributed to the most vulnerable to Coronavirus by season start, most certainly they will play. But one emotion the news of vaccine invokes is hope, something we have not had since "flatten the curve" turned into shelter-in-place orders. Lacrosse season is also not slated to face off until February and with information always changing, as it has this year with the novel coronavirus, who knows what will happen. It is ever unlikely we will be back to a sense of normalcy in February, but we can all stay hopeful.

Some good news is the Power 5 conferences are still able play their sports. They have been having a few bumps in the road here and there with games getting cancelled, but, never the less, they are playing. I am not just speaking of the powerhouse, money making sports either, the non-money-making sports like men's and women’s soccer are playing in certain conferences. As an optimist, I really do believe the season will happen; how it starts compared to how it's going to finish is anyone's guess! There will be a myriad of developments between now and February, and then February to May, and that is what gives me hope for the season.

Also, lacrosse players are used to playing without many fans ;) LOL.

But there are also so many “coronabros” that are wishing for the virus to destroy everything and especially sports. So to argue why the season won’t happen will definitely come down to money. The schools and conference's ability to test players multiple times a week will be a very important factor. This is very grim reality for D2 and D3 schools playing because they might not have the athletic funds to be able to test their spring athletes several times a week. For people that don’t know much about lacrosse, the D2 and D3 games are seriously followed by lacrosse’s biggest fans. Without D2 and D3 playing in the spring, it would definitely be an odd feeling. But it is assuring to know that the power 5 conference teams will almost certainly be on the field.

Only time will tell and let's all pray that we can prove the coronabros wrong and get some lacrosse under our belts this year. It feels like an eternity since we've experienced one, but there is nothing better in this world that a beautiful spring day, 12 pack of bud lights, and a big lacrosse game.

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