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Why We Should Embrace "Lax Bro" Culture

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Bros, anyone care to lax?”, the famous words said by the most famous lax bro that has ever existed “Brantford Winstonworth”. I cannot think of a more direct statement to get a group guys who lax to get on the field and play. This video that eventually went viral would start a stereotype that the sport may never break out of, “the lax bro”. There has been a recent trend in the lacrosse community of fighting this “derogatory” moniker and fighting the notion that we are just bros that happen to be athletic. But in fact we are just bros that happen to be way more athletic than other bros. In fact what we do might be even more impressive than NFL athletes. That fact that lacrosse bros can knock 30 natty lights back in a weekend and still perform their sport at a high level consistently is god tier talent. This is why we need start owning the term “lax bro”. When a weeny from the soccer team comes up to us and start flaring their hands like they know how to handle a lacrosse stick or one of the hot girls from Kappa Delta retorts "lax bro" in a sarcastic tone, we say “yes that is what I am, I am a lax bro”. If we remove PC culture from our realm and look at the lax bro syndrome objectively it really does have its perks.

The typical lax bro will attend a school like Duke, UVA, Harvard, or Amherst. All fantastic schools that have very successful people graduate from them to help find a job that will make you lots of money. Do I personally find this to be a problem, no. Do others, yes, sorry I cannot apologized that lacrosse is well versed and well connected network to the propel us into the social elite. Also, that lacrosse kids are products of the prep school world, yeah it would freaking sweet to go prep school?! Imagine how much of a better education you would have if you went to one. So anti-lax bro people that says this is a problem are really just jealous and wished they could have the connections that lacrosse players get.

There is also a stereotype that lacrosse guys main priority is to party, throwing cult like parties that do not allow outsiders. For the most part, that is true! Lacrosse guys throw awesome parties and we cant have every jebroni coming in destroying our mojo. Us lacrosse guys need to throw parties when we win a big game and celebrate after our boy Whitfield scores a behind the back goal. It's also not our fault that girls like to come to these parties? We are a great time and know how to throw down and I will never apologize for that.

After college a typical “lax bro” will go into a career field that usually has to do with finance or some kind of sales gig. Some may say our fathers or our connections through the lacrosse cult help us get these jobs. Yeah maybe, but what do you want me to do about it, not take the job at Goldman Sachs just because my Dad was managing director there for 25 years?? No sir I AM taking that job… its a really good job. Yes lacrosse guys maybe have certain advantages over others when it comes to business, but that should just be a motivator for others to join our sport. Just look at me, I could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves; thanks lax!

So, let's just embrace the culture of the lax bro and know that it can lead us to the upper echelon of society while throwing some sick ragers along the way. Maybe it will open others' eyes to how great of a sport Lax is? But in all seriousness, lacrosse is a great sport that can lead to a myriad of opportunities and is inclusive to all that want to lets no longer deny the notion that we are the biggest bros in sports. Rage on my Lax Brothers.

-Nick Arcuri

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