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Why COVID May Have Saved Pro Lacrosse

Is the sport of the future now the sport of the present?

Anyone that follows lacrosse like I do knows that college is the shining jewel of the sport, especially the college lacrosse playoffs in May. But Covid-19 may have provided a way for pro lacrosse to sneak into the limelight. The Premiere Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse were the first to release the “bubble” idea to pro sports. Also, the two leagues played their games before the start of MLB and the NBA. I actually think lacrosse was the first pro sport to come back to television? Lacrosse fans could not be happier to have their sport back... but more surprisingly is that we gained some new fans along the way. The television ratings for pro lacrosse were higher than they have ever been prior. PEOPLE WERE LOVING LACROSSE! And I fucking love to see that. Drew Brees and his kids were even watching it, that’s right you read it right, Drew Brees, maybe you've heard of him? The game was getting so much exposure and we have coronavirus to thank for this. People were longing for sports since the usual MLB competition was inactive and lacrosse was the first one to give Americans that little shot of sports dopamine that they were missing.

The fact that lacrosse was the first sport back was huge. It gave a non lacrosse fan a reason to watch it and I think everyone agreed that it was awesome! Also, pro lacrosse might have saved all pro sports as well. The PLL coming out with the “bubble” scenario allowed other leagues like the NBA and the NHL to play their games, returning some semblance of normalcy to life. Also worth noting that the TV rating for the NBA and the NHL were down this year. The PLL in contrast, saw sky rocketing ratings, solidifying their spot as the sport of the future. Not to mention the PLL was also awarded the Sports Business Journal “sports break through of the year award” so people are taking notice. I’m so glad the sport is getting the exposure that it deserves. Hopefully the business team behind the league takes this break through seriously and can build on it because lacrosse fans need it... no It’s bigger than that...AMERICA needs it.

Couldn’t be more excited for next years PLL season, and, as always, lax on lads and lassies.

Nick Arcuri -27

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