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Welcome to the Playoff Conversation Florida

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

With a massively disappointing loss to Kansas State, Oklahoma may be officially out of playoff contention. Unless they somehow rebound with convincing victories over Texas and Oklahoma State followed by a win in the Big 12 Championship then they're out.

Meanwhile, how bout them Gators?? Kyle Trask may have just jumped to the top of the betting odds for Heisman after his 6 touchdown performance against Ole Miss. Florida looked like a legit playoff team, and with Georgia currently struggling with Arkansas, the door may be wide open for the Gators.

Dan Mullen has this team rolling in game one. The defense has to play better if they want to be elite; giving up 613 yards to Ole Miss isn't great. Florida isn't going to be able to outscore every opponent, but tell that to LSU last year. After just one Game I will come out and say it, Kyle Trask is this year's Joe Burrow.

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