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Virginia Basketball “Super Serious Superlatives” for the 2020-2021 Season

Most Likely to Barely Average Double Digits and Still Lead the Team in Scoring:

Sam Hauser

UVa’s Sam Hauser is an incoming transfer from Marquette where he averaged 14.9 points per game. This number would have been much higher if he didn’t play with Marcus Howard who would have rather gotten a double root canal then passed to an open teammate. Hauser is a threat to score inside and out as he shot an impressive 40% from 3 in 2018 and an outstanding 48% in 2017. He will lead the team in scoring, but remember this is UVA so it will probably only be about 14 points a game.

Most Likely to be Mistaken for High Schooler and Win Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament:

Kihei Clark

Let’s be honest, Kihei Clark could very well be the most important player to this UVa team. Aside from picking up the opposing point guard full court, Kihei also takes on the roll of ball distribution for Tony Bennett’s squad. Last year, he averaged a team high 5.9 assists. That is an impressive number, but it’s even more impressive coming in Tony Bennett’s grinding Pack Line style of play. Although he may be mistaken for a high schooler in height, he most definitely will not be mistaken for a high schooler in basketball skills. (I hear Wabbisa Bede’s pride still lays at the top of the key in Blacksburg)

Most Likely to Get a Tech for Breaking Covid Restrictions:

Jay Huff

Here comes the million dollar question… Will the patented Huff scream after a block or dunk be outlawed based on the droplet possibility. If it is, this could be a huge problem for Jay as I’m not sure he would be the same player without it. Remember you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Most Likely to Slug Brews at Apple Beta Pie in an Unbuttoned Hawaiian Shirt:

Francisco Caffaro

Francisco is huge. I could see him averaging double digit rebounds as well as double digit brews slugged at any Fraternity party he appears at. He will play the enforcer role for this UVa team much like a bouncer. He will throw opposing players out of the paint for Tony Bennet’s team. Look for Francisco to battle with Jay Huff over the team lead in rebounds this year.

Most Likely to be the Obvious Candidate for ACC Freshman of the Year but Get 2nd Team Behind 3 Duke Players and 2 UNC Players:

Jabri Abdur-Rahim

Jabri will be an instant impact freshman for the Hoos. He was impressive on the EYBL circuit and is extremely versatile. However, this is likely to mean nothing to the ACC voters because Charlottesville is not in the Raleigh Durham area. I’m sure a few freshmen from Duke will lead them to a 4th place finish in the league, good enough for all the media!

Most Likely to be the First Freshman to Get the Tony High Five After Causing a 10 Second Violation:

Reece Beekman

This is a very prestigious award, 2 years ago the award went to Kihei and last year it was taken by Casey Morsell. Beekman is the obvious choice here because of his point guard status. He averaged 2.2 steals last year so I’m sure he will pick up full court.

Walk On of the Year:

Austin Katstra

This is an obvious choice as he is the eldest walkon and a guy who takes his role very seriously. Look for him to be the center of the bench celebrations and handle the clean up duty with class. Katstra will wrap up his senior year as a walk on legend. Let’s give him the send off he deserves.

Most Likely to look like they took a nap at halftime and still drop 10 (lol):

Co winners: Kody Stattmann and Tomas Woldetensae

This was too hard to choose for us. Both have the possibility to drop 10 in a game and both rock the sleepy look to a T. Stattmann always seems to have bags under his eyes, must be some long nights in the library studying Anthropology. Woldetensae, on the other hand, when he doesn’t have the braids looks like he has a case of bed head. This award was too close to call for me.

Most Likely to Increase Their Field Goal Percentage Average:

Casey Morsell

Casey Morsell played significant minutes for UVa last year. He didn’t have much success from the field however shooting 27.71% from the field. He has shown promise and will look to have a breakout year shooting the rock for Tony Bennett.

- Ben Spencer and Will Colenbrander

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