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After a heartbreaking loss to the Beavs in the game without a name, the Ducks fall to 3-1. This week the game ball will be much harder to pick.

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Losing to the Beavers is never easy, but with the confusing and inconsistent play of the Duck defense in the huge loss to cross state rival OSU, choosing a player to give the game ball to becomes even more difficult. First choice comes from last weeks winner of #TheGameBall🏈, Devon Williams. Williams turned in another fantastic performance with a 4 catches for 101 yards and a TD; it looks like the Ducks may have found that #1 receiver they have been looking for. For the second week in a row, QB Tyler Shough makes the list of nominees. Shough finished the game with 20/31 completions, 275 yards, with 2 TDs, 2 Ints and one rush TD. Shough is playing well enough for this team to win, but it’s a team game and the Ducks can’t find a way to win for their QB. Last pick of the week goes to running back Travis Dye who rushed for 93 yards on 12 attempts.

This week it was really tough for me to choose any 1 player for the Game Ball, in fact I wasn’t able to determine a winner for the game ball at all. This week I chose Coach Moorhead for the game ball. The offense on this Ducks team is plenty potent enough to play with anyone in the country, and, on most Saturday’s, 38 points is more than enough to win a game. Against the Beavers, the Duck offense under Moorhead’s play calling looked pretty darn good for most of the game, totaling 458 overall yards and the aforementioned 38 points. This offense scored at least 35 points for the 4th straight game with an average of just under 38 points per game on the year. So this week, even though it was a tough loss, #TheGameBall goes to Coach Moorhead whose offensive injection makes the Ducks‘ potent once again.

On to Cal, Let’s Gooooooooooooo. #GoDucks.

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