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Coaching Changes for the Best?

Mark Stoops let go of some of the pieces of the coaching staff that were questionable the whole year. They let go of Offensive Coordinator/ Running Backs Coach Eddie Gran and Quarterbacks Coach Darin Hinshaw after the last game of the regular season. They were let go less than 24 hours after the game. We are also looking for an Offensive Line Coach after the unfortunate death of John Schlarman.

How long were the three coaches with Kentucky? Eddie Gran and Darin Hinshaw was with Kentucky since 2016. John Schlarman was with the UK staff since 2013. I thank them all for their team with Kentucky.

The search for the jobs started the same exact day that Gran and Hinshaw were let go. The first position filled had to be the most important, which was the offensive coordinator. They were many names have been rumored including Joe Moorhead, Liam Coen, Brian Brohm and a few more. Those three names were the names that the fans heard the most since the search began. But the search finally ended on Tuesday afternoon with the announcement of Liam Coen being hired by Mark Stoops and Kentucky. He will be our offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach next season.

Who is Liam Coen and why did Stoops choose him?

Liam Coen is the current Assistant Quarterbacks Coach with the Los Angles Rams. He has college coaching experience as a Quarterbacks Coach with Brown, Rhode Island, UMass, and Maine. He has been with the Rams since the 2018 season. He had roles as Assistant Wide Receivers Coach and Assistant Quarterbacks coach. Why did we choose him? If you know Kentucky football for one reason. It is the running backs. That was what made Gran a good Offensive Coordinator. But Stoops wanted an Offensive Coordinator that improved the quarterback and wide receiver positions. He is an expert for both of them. He also wanted to bring in a younger coach. He did just that. Coen is 35 years old, which fits the younger coach Stoops wanted. Kentucky fans will be interested that Liam Coen and Brad White were from the rival schools in Rhode Island. Coen will bring the passing game that all Kentucky fans wanted for a couple of years now.

What’s Next?

Since 2 of the 4 openings are filled. We will need the Offensive Line coach and a Running Backs Coach. Since Eddie Gran was the Offensive Coordinator and the Running Backs Coach. He is gone so we need a new one. I believe the first one filled will be the Offensive Line coach. That’s the second thing Kentucky is known for. The name floating around is the current Offensive Line coach Eric Wolford at South Carolina. I feel like he would be a good replacement for Schlarman. When will the next coach be hired. I do not really know but my mind is saying pretty soon.

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