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The Cincinnati Season Recap

Hello everyone and today I am recapping the Cincinnati Football season.

The Bearcats started the season ranked #13. They took on an easy game in Austin Peay. This game was just the beginning of the Desmond Ridder show this season. In this game they scored two touchdowns in each quarter in this game. There was five rushing touchdowns. Cincy dominated this game in all ways.

Moving to the next week, we play at the time ranked #22 Army. Which should have a bowl game but do not anyways. We all knew this would be a tough game because Army is a great team. We scored at least three points in each quarter. This game showed that Cincy having good wide receivers help us. This game introduced Jayshon Jackson, Michael Young Jr and Josh Whyle. Cincy dominated the passing game because Army is a rushing team, and we have a great defense. Cincy won 24-10.

Next week was USF which was nothing new. It was just a struggle for Desmond Ridder after throwing interceptions in this game. That did not stop them from winning this game. Cincy won 28-7. This was the game that Cincy could afford to make mistakes in. But this game introduced a man named Gerrid Doaks. As he ran for 100+ yards and a touchdown in this game.

This game was supposed to be the first time we play Tulsa and it got cancelled unfortunately.

Moving on slowly, this is the true turning point of this season. The game versus SMU truly introduced us as college football playoff contenders. This is the game that Ridder had more rushing yards then passing yards. Ridder was just a beast in this game. It was close until halftime and then the second half was a dagger to SMU. Cincy scored 28 points in the second half while allowing 3 from SMU’s amazing offense. Ridder had 8 carries, 179 yards and 3 touchdowns in this game. Cincy won 42-13.

Next is versus another great offensive team in the American which is Memphis. It was the continued dominance from Ridder and the appearance of Jerome Ford. Ford had 9 carries for 116 yards and two touchdowns. Cincy also scored 28 points in the second half while allowing Memphis to score zero in the second half. Cincy won this game 49-10. Memphis had five rushing yards in this game while Cincy had 242 yards. That is a crazy stat. Never would I think Memphis having only five rushing yards.

Next is Houston. This game is another great performance by Desmond Ridder and Gerrid Doaks. Them two combined for 287 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. This was another game that we scored ten in the second half and once again. Houston scored zero in the second half. Cincy would win this 38-10.

The next one was senior night versus East Carolina. Once again, it was another great Ridder performance. The trio of Ridder, Ford and Young had 204 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. And the trio of Tucker, Young and Jackson had 185 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. Cincy won this game 55-17.

And next is the dreadful UCF game. This seems to be like the best game on both teams schedule every year. This a nail-bitter like always. Cincy would go on and win 36-33. We can thank Ridder for this one because he had two rushing touchdowns and two passing touchdowns to Leonard Taylor and Josh Whyle. UCF is a good team. Our defense played well for how good UCF is.

And then we had two cancellations including Temple and the second game vs Tulsa.

And it is time for the American championship game. This is versus the best team we played this year and I thought we would lose for a second until Ridder made the Tulsa defender to go offsides late in the fourth quarter. After not playing for a couple of weeks. We would be ready for the second-best team in the American. Ridder had a rushing touchdown and a passing touchdown to Alec Pierce. Alec Pierce had a day. He had five receptions for 146 yards and a touchdown. Ridder had 19/29 for 269 yards and one touchdown. Cincy won the game 27-24.

And now since we finished undefeated.

Cincinnati will play Georgia in the Peach Bowl on New Years Day.

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