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The Arizona State NSD Recap

As many people know, yesterday was National Signing Day. And ASU signed 10 of our 15 commits. Isaiah Johnson, Ezra Dotson-Oyetade, Kamron Beachem, Isaiah World and Edward Czaplicki did not sign yesterday. But most of the good talent the Sun Devils have in this class did sign yesterday.

Arizona State signed amazing talent that will help in the future. We signed Athlete Tommi Hill (FL), Wide Receiver Junior Alexander (WA), Outside Linebacker Jaydon Williams (TX), Cornerback Robert Regan (CA), Quarterback Finn Collins (CA), Defensive End Eric Gentry (PA), Offensive Tackle Austin Barry (CA), Offensive Tackle Isaia Glass (AZ), Defensive End Gharin Stansbury (LA), and LSU transfer Defensive End Travez Moore.

I will talk a little about this class. This class is super talented. Tommi Hill is a safety I believe. His reports say he will be and he will be super good. Junior Alexander is easily the best wide receiver we could of possibly of got. Jaydon Williams has crazy speed for a linebacker. Robert Regan has great arms and will be super good for Arizona St next year. Finn Collins is just underrated. Austin Barry and Isaia Glass are a dynamic duo on the offensive line in the next few years. Eric Gentry, Gharin Stansbury and Travez Moore will be ASU’s defensive line for the future. Overall. This is an amazing class and they will all have key pieces for the team in the future. I am super excited for the future of Arizona State.

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