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"Thank God For Mississippi"

Credit: Michael Woods; Associated Press

A saying that most Arkansas residents hold near and dear to their hearts. Arkansas as a state would look worse in a lot of categories nationally if it weren't for the good ole' state of Mississippi and that mantra holds true once again thanks to the Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball team. The Hogs got of to one of the slowest starts in school history on Tuesday night, mustering only 5 points in the first 12 minutes of the game. But as bad as Arkansas looked over that stretch, the Bulldogs decided that they would follow suit and be worse. Arkansas would close out the half on a 24-3 run and take a 29-21 lead into halftime. The Razorbacks didn't let up in the second half and miraculously pulled out a 16 point victory over the Dogs, 61-45. Connor Vanover had one of him most well rounded games of the season and looked like a true big man. Arkansas returns to BWA on Saturday and then hits, arguably, the toughest part of the schedule. But for now (and always) "Thank God for Mississippi"


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