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Spooky Season for UVa

Now is not the time to panic!

Everybody stay calm. It’s better than Mike London. I’m okay with how we played last Saturday at Hard Rock. Minus a few big plays – STOP GIVING UP BIG PLAYS – UVa’s defense looked damn good. Charles Snowden had a hellUVa game (8 tackles, 1 sack, 3.5 TFL, 1 PD). Every UVa fan knew he was going to wake up eventually. With that much needed production, UVa was able to hold Miami to 19 points. I have to say moving forward that I think this defense has the opportunity to be extremely good if they can keep it up. IN SNOWDEN WE TRUST.

This offense just needs a spark man. Brennan Armstrong has played well, but obviously he isn’t quite up to where Bryce Perkins was last year. Granted he is trying to operate in a system where, for some reason, the coaches want to rotate him out almost every two to three plays. I’m all for bringing in Armstead or Thompson at QB for maybe a play a drive if things aren’t going well, but that’s just not how you create rhythm for a QB (I am regrettably a Saints fan as well and it pisses me off when Sean Payton brings in Taysom Hill when Drew Brees is on fire). Armstrong needs to feel like he is THE guy. When you’re shuffling in QBs like it’s just another position, you lose valuable leadership and threaten to hurt the main QBs confidence. I just don’t see it working out. The idea of that continuing scares me more than Michael Myers.

Tony Poljan has got to be a robot. The touchdown catch he had was absolutely INSANE. It was also good enough to get on Randy Moss's YOU GOT MOSSED session. Both he and the Wide Receivers played well. Although, it was extremely clear that Armstrong didn’t have his deep threat in Lavel Davis. Without Davis, the Hoos have no one to take the top off. It is likely they won’t have him this Halloween against UNC either. It’s also extremely tough for Armstrong when he has to be LEGstrong all the time too. There has again been little production out of the running back position. This allows the defense to really key in on Armstrong even more, especially without a deep threat.

The Hoos will take on Sam Howell and the UNC Tar Heels Saturday night on Halloween. It’s going to be a high scoring affair. UVa’s secondary is going to have to step up and contain Howell. The offense is going to need to put up some points against the Tar Heels defense if they want to have any shot of winning this game. Please get rid of the damn three QB system. Armstrong, The Red Rocket, and LEGstrong are the only three QBs that need to be playing.

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