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Recruiting Update - Clemson

By Marty Coleman


This week on episode 41 of the Sluggo Podcast we talked with Jason Priester (JP) of about a range of topics and besides being a fun guy to talk to we primarily spoke about Clemson football recruiting.

JP shared his thoughts and insight on the six (6) Clemson targets below, but the assessment section is mine, taken from not only Jason’s input, but other sources either read or listened to.

How fast can things change? During the show JP thought Jalon Walker was headed to Clemson. Less than 24 hours later things changed as Walker has trended to Georgia. Such is the nature of recruiting. Walker is set to announce Sunday afternoon, March 28.

The praise for Mack Brown’s recruiting at North Carolina continues, but if you look at the 2021 cycle and the first two players on the list above (who are #1 and #2 in North Carolina), Clemson gets who they want in the Tar Heel state for the most part. Mack may get quantity, but the Tigers are cherry picking quality at needed positions.

Many assume because of proximity Jeadyn Lukus will end up at Clemson and that may end up being true. On the other hand, anytime a cornerback is involved with Ohio State it’s worth mentioning and keeping an eye on. The Buckeyes seem to have a certain pull for corners.

Brenen Thompson is one to watch. Recent Tiger commit Cade Klubnik has been recruiting him to the Tigers from all appearances on Twitter. Thompson is from the panhandle of Texas, prime Oklahoma recruiting territory, and has the body type of many Sooner receivers being smaller than your typical Clemson wideout. Getting him on campus could be huge for the Tigers in their pursuit.

I encourage you to listen to the show to get Jason’s full thoughts on each of these players as he provides insight into conversations he’s had with some of these recruits that provides more detail and nuance.

JP is a great friend of the show and we highly recommend you follow his musings over at

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