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NFL Cats: Week 17 Recap

Let’s see how the former Kentucky Wildcats did in the final week of the regular season.

The first Cat to play this week was Lonnie Johnson Jr, he plays for the Houston Texans who played against the Tennessee Titans to determine who would win the AFC South. Johnson had four tackles in this game. The Texans are my favorite team, so it was rough to see them lose on a last second field goal by the Titans. Titans won this game 41-38.

The next cat was Lynn Bowden Jr, who plays for the Miami Dolphins, who played against the Buffalo Bills. Bowden had 8 receptions for 44 yards. This was a game that the Dolphins had to win and well they did not win it. They got destroyed by the Bills 56-26.

The next Cats were Benny Snell Jr and Avery Williamson, who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played against the Cleveland Browns. Snell had three carries for ten yards and Williamson had eight tackles in a 24-22 loss to the Browns. Both teams are in the playoffs.

The next cats is Za’Darius Smith, who plays for the Green Bay Packers, who played against a cat Danny Trevathan, who plays for the Chicago Bears. Smith had two tackles and Trevathan had eight tackles and a tackle for loss. Smith won this encounter has the Packers won 35-16. Both teams made the playoffs.

From what I have seen, Josh Allen, Bud Dupree, Mike Edwards, Corey Peters, and Randall Cobb did not play this week.

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