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Natty Bound

Things We Liked

The performances of the night came from the two transfer players the Hoos picked up. Both Hauser and Murphy showed their range going 3-3 and 6-8 from three respectively. Hauser was expected to be a star for the team, but Murphy came as a surprise to most of us. Murphy proves to be a very interesting player for the Hoos this year as a 6’9” shooting guard. Pairing him with Jay Huff in lineups would give the defense extreme length in both the front and backcourt. I would expect him to find his way into the starting lineup if Morsell continues to struggle. (He will)

Although it was against a subpar team, "Hoo ha" fans (c'mon FloSports) must be excited to see 89 points out of this squad. Last year, UVA failed to break 70 in every game besides two. Seeing our offense explode and hit 51% of our threes was a welcomed sight after their struggles from deep last season. If the Hoos can continue to score at a rate even close to this game, I suspect they will be very hard to beat. Maybe critics will finally stop bitching about how boring it is to watch UVa.

Things We Can Improve On

The Hoos only got to the foul line 4 times Wednesday. James Harden could do that in his sleep. The Hoos will have to get a bit more physical inside as the season progresses. Although the Hoos were on fire from 3, Towson was as well shooting nearly 43%. I have no doubt Tony will get on them for that. Do not expect many other teams to shoot above 40% against Tony Bennett’s squad. All in all, not many bad things from the Hoos in this one against Towson. This team sure looks like it can win it all again this year.

-Ben Spencer and Will Colenbrander

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