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Kentucky Football Preview

The Wildcats should have a great season! The future is looking great with Liam Coen at Offensive Coordinator and Brad White at Defensive Coordinator. Today i will be predicting the starting lineup for the team this season.

Lets get right into this. Starting at the Quarterback position. As we are about to enter August, one name has stood out massively to everyone and that is Will Levis. It is very likely that he will win the starting job. But reports came out earlier saying Joey Gatewood is looking really good at this moment. So here is what i am thinking. Coen will use the game vs UL-Monroe as a testing game for both QBs and who plays the best in that game will be the starter vs Missouri. My prediction right now is Will Levis.

Next will be the running backs. Its obvious the player who will be getting the most snaps in a game will be Chris Rodriguez. There are no doubts in my mind that he is the best running back in the SEC. But we have to talk about Kavosiey Smoke. He is the future running back for the Wildcats so expect him to get a good amount of touches in every game this season. Just remember the name Jutahn McClain, he has a bright future in Lexington.

Next will be wide receiver. The obvious two starters are Wandale Robinson and Josh Ali. That will be a duo that you cannot mess with because their speed will destroy you. Then the question after them two, who will be the next wide receiver in the lineup. I literally have no clue. It could be many people like Michigan State transfer Tre'von Morgan, Isaiah Epps, or even DeMarcus Harris. I have the lineup looking like Robinson, Ali, Epps, and Harris. But i expect Dekel Crowdus, Michael Drennan II, and Clevan Thomas Jr to play a good amount. The air attack is looking really good for Kentucky this season.

The next position i will talk about will be tight end. The starter is looking like it will be Justin Rigg. After Keaton Upshaw went down with a injury, it is looking like Rigg is the best catcher at the tight end position we have. I just know Brendan Bates and Jordan Dingle will play big parts in the team this season.

The offensive line will most likely be Darian Kinnard, Luke Fortner, Quintin Wilson, Kenneth Horsey, and Dare Rosenthal. Kentucky went to the transfer portal and picked up the best offensive lineman. Dare Rosenthal was going to be LSU's starting offensive tackle and their best O Lineman. Just some names that could be big if one of them go down with an injury. Eli Cox, Austin Dotson, Jeremy Flax, and Naasir Watkins.

Offense Summary:

The offense this season will be more balanced between the ground and air attack. That will be a great thing to see. The Quarterback battle will super interesting to keep an eye on. The offensive line should be the best in the country as long as nothing goes wrong. (*knocks on wood). Should see more points this season and the offensive trio of Wandale Robinson, Josh Ali, and Chris Rodriguez will be a force to be reckon with.

Now onto the defense, we will start with the defensive lines. Quinton Bohanna and Phil Hoskins both went in the draft. It is now time for Marquan McCall and Justin Rogers. Those two will be good. With Josh Paschal and i am saying Justice Dingle. That will not be the best defensive lineman in the country, but i know it is no where near the worst.

Next will be the linebacker core. This may be the best spot in this defense. While losing Jamin Davis to the draft. The Cats return Jordan Wright, J.J Weaver, Marquez Bembry, and DeAndre Square. The Cats also bring in Ole Miss transfer Jacquez Jones, Michigan State transfer Luke Fulton, Trevin Wallace, and Martez Thrower. I am loving that linebacker core. The Cats will be good for the future and this season.

Now we will talk about the secondary. The DBs will most likely be Cedrick Dort Jr, Davonte Robinson, Quandre Mosely, and Tyrell Ajian. But Carrington Valentine and Joel Williams could walk their way into the lineup. They will play but they could get the start. The safeties will be Yusuf Corker and Vito Tisdale. I do like this secondary, the future is bright. Hopefully the staff continues to get cornerbacks from the south because they seem to be working well with Wildcats.

And finally the specialists will be Matt Ruffolo and i think Wilson Berry. They are multiple of each position on the team but i believe those two will win their battles and take the spot.

Defense Summary:

The defense will be great as always. The defensive line will be a little weaker than normal but that should not be a problem with the linebackers and secondary members we have. Overall, I think Kentucky will be a great unit because of Brad White. He works with anything he gets. He is a really good coach. Hope he stay at Kentucky for a while.

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