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Josiah Harris Q&A!!!

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Today's Q&A is with Josiah Harris, the West Virginia commit is a 3 star in the class of 2022. The RIchmond Heights product has 12 offers, and is ranked top 10 in Ohio.

Q: How did your season go for your team, and how did you perform?

A: It went okay, we went to the state and came up short. I did pretty well I averaged 19 points and 12 boards. The awards didn’t come out yet, so I don't know what I got.

Q: Can you tell me how your day goes, and when u work out and classes, and just stuff you do everyday?

A: I wake up and workout, then do school work, after that I go to train again, then study and spend time with family, last part of the day my pops takes me to workout on the court.

Q: Can you tell me why you chose West Virginia, and if any other schools are in the picture?

A: Only school I’m thinking about is West Virginia, and I love there coaching staff! The reason I chose West Virginia is because of the winning tradition, like I said earlier I love the coaching staff. It’s a family atmosphere, I really love my relationship with the program.

Q: Who do you look up to, and who is your favorite player?

A: My father, and Clyde Drexler

Q: Ok, I have 1 more question that I ask everyone, do you feel like you are getting enough recognition or do feel you are slept on?

A: I feel slept on fasho!

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