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Jake Paul vs. Conor McGregor

Celebrity Boxing is back in a BIG way

I cannot believe this could actually be thing, but it's 2020 and this year would not let us leave it with out a twist. I am also not big into fighting, but I will be tuning in to this one.

It's only been one and a half days into this Jake Paul vs. McGregor beef and I could not be in love anymore than I already am. I find it absolutely hilarious. Jake Paul used to be this huge doucher YouTube star that was worse at comedy than the average accountant, but a twist of fate has now turned Paul into a “serious boxer”. He has shockingly won the first two of his fights. That doesn’t change the fact that he is messing with career MMA fighter/Irish psychopath, Conor McGregor. To recap what has happened, Jake Paul has sent McGregor’s team 50 million dollars for the fight, called McGregor’s wife a 4, called him a bitch multiple times, and attacked someone on McGregor's training team with wet toilet paper. To translate that into simple terms, Jake Paul has a death wish. His shit talk has easily been the highlight of my 2020. I cant believe this YouTube or TikTok star has gotten to a level where he is calling out world class athletes, and they're accepting!?

McGregor has to fight him or he’s going to look like a baby back bitch in my opinion. McGregor cannot let him terrorize him, his wife, and people on his team and let him get away with. I don’t even want to hear that McGregor should not give him the time of day because he is not on his “level”, we are way past that. Paul has made more of scene than a girl in a bar who sees her crush talking to a better looking girl. So, Conor on the off chance you read this, you better nut up and fight this guy because that's what you do to a guy starting beef; you whoop that ass.

If they do fight, which they better, I hope Jake Paul kicks his ass. That would icing on the cake for all of this. Paul talks all this smack and has been in two fights and for him to beat one of the best fighters in the world, that would be amazing. I used to think Jake Paul was a loser, but now I'm starting to enjoy him in comedic way. This just goes to show how great this country is, no matter how much of a loser, YouTube star you are, you can still grab the attention of the world's best and change the opinions of many.

McGregor do this stressed-out 2020 world a favor and agree to this fight, for the sake of humanity.

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