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Glass Half Full Hoos


Last week, N.C. State, FUHGETTABOUTIT (strong Italian-American accent). Seriously, that was bad on so many levels. That was the worst I’ve seen UVa play since maybe the Military Bowl versus Navy about three years ago. It reminded me of the Mike London era. Screw that guy. But Bronco is way better of a coach then Mike London was/will ever be. That’s why I think this week was just a fluke. Bronco will have them ready against Wake Forrest. Believe that.

He's Free

Oh, by the way, have you heard the good news? RONNIE WALKER IS FREE. UVa Twitter has been adamant that Indiana and the NCAA approve Ronnie Walker’s transfer waiver. And three weeks into the season they finally did. Late? Yes. I’ll take it though. Good persistence UVa Twitter. UVa’s run game has been pretty dismal, and the addition of a new back may be just the spark the backfield needs. UVa really needed some depth at the position as well, so this news is huge.

QB Situation

The Quarterback situation is interesting right now. Thanks to an utterly disgusting and dirty hit by an N.C. State player that does not deserved to be named, Brennan Armstrong was knocked out of the game. His status versus Wake is in question due to concussion protocol. I still have faith in the Red Rocket. He gives Virginia the best chance to win even though he has made some questionable decisions. However, this is his first year as a starter, and the run game has been pretty much nonexistent. You can’t put all of the blame on him. Starting in his place would be Lindell Stone. Hey, I’m all for the average looking guy with a beer gut getting a chance to shine. But I’d take the Red Rocket over him. Keep an eye on the Quarterback situation leading up to the game.

This Week

The game against Wake has to be a UVa win. With a loss, UVa would fall to 1-3 and be at risk of finishing in the very bottom of the ACC. Wake isn’t the best football team either. UVa has to come out strong. They haven’t started a game on all cylinders the entire year. If the Hoos get off to a strong start, they will beat the Demon Deacons. Defensively, the Hoos have played decent, but they need to fix some tackling issues. Also, Charles Snowden has been very quiet at the beginning of the season. I look for that to change this week.

One last thing, Tech lost. Always look at the glass as half full Hoos.

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