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#Euro2020 Review: MATCHDAY 9

The day of the upset! The reigning world champions can't pull out all 3 points, and the reigning European Champions can't pull off any points. How does today end? How do the group stages end? It's getting exciting in here!


Hungary (1) vs France (1) | Group F - Matchday 2 | Budapest, Hungary

Who saw this one coming? Most people probably didn't imagine France dropping any points in the group stages in #Euro2020, but alas, France dropped 2 points today in a draw. Shockingly, that draw came against the least likely suspect: Hungary. In front of a packed stadium of Hungarian supporters, Attila Fiola scored in stoppage time of the first half to bring Hungary ahead of the French! Hungary were able to hold that lead for over 20 minutes of the 2nd half before finally conceding to Antoine Griezmann and France. Luckily enough, that would be the only goal they would concede all game and the match ended in the 1-1 draw!

As anybody would expect, France controlled the possession of the game, 61%-39% and outshot Hungary 16-5. However, it's what you do with those chances that counts, and Hungary made their limited chances count!

With the shock result, France still hold 1st place in Group F of #Euro2020 heading into Matchday 3 with 4 total points. They will likely need a win against Portugal to move on. Hungary now find themselves with a point in the group, still alive for knockout round qualification!

Portugal (2) vs Germany (4) | Group F - Matchday 2 | Munich, Germany

From the opening whistle, it always looked as if Germany would come away with the 3 points in this one. However, there was a moment when it looked like that wouldn't be the case. Early in the first half, Cristiano Ronaldo cleared a corner from Germany and then raced down the field to participate in the ensuing counterattack. Ronaldo doing Ronaldo things finished the counter with a tap-in to put Portugal in the lead. Portugal would score both of the next 2 goals as well, yet Portugal found themselves trailing anyway. Within 4 minutes of each other, Portugal scored 2 own goals. Yikes. Kai Havertz would find the net early in the 2nd half, and Robin Gosens would end his fantastic day with a goal of his own in the 60th minute. Portugal would find a consolation goal not too much later in the match, but that would be all she wrote for this one. Germany went on to win 4-2. Within the first 4 minutes of the match, Germany had controlled over 85% possession. That number decreased significantly, but the run of play would still remain the same. Germany finished with a 56% possession rate compared to 44% for Portugal. Germany would also finish with 13 shots to Portugal's 8. With the win, Germany move into a tie for 2nd place in Group F as there is all to play for in Matchday 3. Germany and Portugal now sit tied with 3 points each in the group, only behind France with 4 points and ahead of Hungary with 1 point.

Spain (1) vs Poland (1) | Group E - Matchday 2 | Seville, Spain

We were gifted with 3 thrillers today with the final match being Spain vs Poland in Group E. Spain looked as if they would be coming away with 3 points in this one and had several chances to do so, but they were unable to get the job done. Alvaro Morata struck first for the Spanish in the 25th minute of the match, but it wouldn't last as Robert Lewandowski finally found his #Euro2020 goal and he headed in a cross from outside the 18! Spain had another incredible chance at retaking the lead when they were awarded a penalty mid-2nd half, but Gerard Moreno would hit it off the post. Yikes. Spain had chance after chance to win this match, but couldn't deliver. They attempted 11 shots in this match, compared to Poland's 5. They also held 69% (nice) possession, easily controlling the run of the match. That's 2 straight matches now which Spain has failed to finish their many chances.

With one game left in the group stages, Spain and Poland will both need wins in order to move to the knockout stages. Spain currently sits with 2 points in 3rd place while Poland sit in 4th with 1 point. It should be an exciting finish to Group E in #Euro2020!


Check back here tomorrow for another update just like this one on the previous days' matches! Also follow us at @SSN_Soccer for more up-to-date content from #Euro2020!

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