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#Euro2020 Review: MATCHDAY 5

Day 5 of #Euro2020 was the shortest, but it was the most interesting day so far. We seen two games day. We saw the reigning Euro champions Portugal take on Hungary. And we saw a World Cup Winning French team taking on Germany.

Hungary vs Portugal | Group F – Matchday 1 | Budapest, Hungary

The result was nothing less than what everyone was expecting out of this game. The goals came later than excepted. Borussia Dortmund Defender Raphael Guerreiro scores off of a deflection from a Hungary defenders foot. It deflected into the bottom left corner to give Portugal the lead in the 84th minute.

The next goal was a penalty from Juventus and Portuguese Striker Cristiano Ronaldo in the 87th minute. The penalty was caused by Benfica Forward Rafa, who was subbed into the game during the 71st minute. Ronaldo was cool as a cucumber and placed the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal, giving Portugal a 2-0 lead. And finally, Cristiano Ronaldo scores a second goal after a 1-2 with Rafa in the 92nd minute. That goal would be the dagger for Portugal giving them a 3-0 win over Hungary.

Portugal out-possessed Hungary 65%-35%. They did not completely dominate has the score line may say, they had many chances to get a goal but Portugal’s defense stayed strong. The stat line goes in Portugal’s favor, the Portuguese had 4 more shots on goal and 6 more corners. We have to remember that Hungary kept one of the best teams in the Euros scoreless for 84 minutes. That is not an easy thing to do. They just fell apart we seen what happened.

This was a big game in many ways. During this game, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals which made him the leading goal scorer in the Euros. Ronaldo also became the player who played in the most Euros. What a special player Ronaldo is. And it starts Portugal with a win and with a sizable goal difference.

This gives Portugal the top of the group for now. Now its time for France and Germany to play.

France vs Germany | Group F – Matchday 1 | München, Germany

Going into this game. Everyone thought this would be the best game of the Euros so far and it did not disappoint. The only goal in this game came in the first twenty minutes. It was started by a great through ball by Manchester United Midfielder Paul Pogba. That ball went to Bayern Munich Defender Lucas Hernández, and he put the ball middle hoping that Paris Saint-Germain Striker Kylian Mbappe would score it. But an unfortunate mistake happened for Germany. Borussia Dortmund Defender Mats Hummels would intercept the pass from Hernández and accidentally put the ball into his own goal.

VAR played a big role in this game. VAR gave Germany more hope to score towards the end. VAR took away a goal from Real Madrid Striker Karim Benzema, which was took away was because of the offside ball to Mbappe before he passed the ball to Benzema.

When you look at the stat line. It looks like Germany should won the game. They probably should of, but they did not in the end because both teams had only one shot on goal. Germany out-possessed France 59%-41%.

Nothing to special really happened in this game. This was a great game to watch nothing the less.

With this result. It puts Portugal in first place, while France is in second place and that puts Germany and Hungary in third and fourth place.

Check back here tomorrow for another update just like this one on the previous days' matches! Also follow us at @SSN_Soccer for more up-to-date content from #Euro2020 and Copa America!

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