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#Euro2020 Review: MATCHDAY 12

Today will be a short review like yesterday! We saw Group D finish their match days. Let’s take a look of both matches in Group D today.

Group D:

Croatia (3) vs Scotland (1)

Czech Republic (0) vs England (1)

It was a given that group leading England were going through to the knockout stage. It was just a matter of time to figure out who was going to finish in second and third place. We will start off with Czech Republic and England at Wembley Stadium. The game was not scoreless for too long. After a great pass by Aston Villa Forward Jack Grealish, the ball floated over the goalkeeper’s head and Manchester City Forward Raheem Sterling was there to put the ball in the net. Nothing else would happen in this game. Both teams had chances, but it stayed 1-0 for the rest of the game and that means England clinches first place in the group.

We move over to Glasgow, Scotland where Croatia played Scotland. This game was to determine who made it out of this group. Croatia was always going to be the more aggressive team in this game, and it showed. After being 1-1 at halftime, Croatia got two goals from Real Madrid Midfielder Luka Modric and Inter Milan Midfielder Ivan Perisic. Those two goals did a lot for the Croatians.

After it all, England led this group as excepted with 7 points, while Croatia and Czech Republic got 4 points with a goal differential of +1. And Scotland finishes last in the group while getting a draw with group winners England. I believe England, Croatia, and Czech Republic are through to the knockout stages. We of course will wait the results of the games from Group E and Group F tomorrow.

Check back here tomorrow for another update just like this one on the previous days' matches! Also follow us at @SSN_Soccer for more up-to-date content from #Euro2020 and Copa America!

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