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#Euro2020 Review: MATCHDAY 11

We're going to keep today short and sweet! Today was quite possibly the best day of #Euro2020 so far! We saw 4 matches today, all of which were the 3rd match in the cycle of the group stages, so implications were HIGH today! Let's take a quick look at the results of each group's matches.



North Macedonia (0) vs Netherlands (3)

Ukraine (0) vs Austria (1)

The Netherlands had already clinched their way into the knockout stages, so overall, their result would only have an effect on whether they were the 1st or 2nd place squad. As expected though, the Netherlands took care of business with North Macedonia and took all 3 points, finishing the group stages with all 9 points and 1st place! North Macedonia finish with 0 points through the tournament and head home after the first #Euro2020 experience. In the match which meant a little more to the standings today, Austria defeated Ukraine after simply an ugly performance from Ukraine. Both squads entered the day with 3 points, so the winner would take all today, and that was Austria! The Austrian's clinch 2nd place in Group C while Ukraine must now play the waiting game in hopes of being one of the 3rd place squads good enough to qualify. They finish with only 3 points and a -1 goal difference.


Finland (0) vs Belgium (2)

Russia (1) vs Denmark (4)

There's nothing more beautiful than these matches being played simultaneously. It makes the suspense that much greater when waiting on results! In Group B, every team was still alive entering the day. Belgium had the largest advantage with 6 points and a good goal difference coming in to the day while Denmark had the biggest disadvantage with 0 points. Both Russia and Finland entered the day with 3 points. Through immense moments of chaos and absolute scenes in Copenhagen, Denmark defeated Russia 4-1 to take all 3 points and give themselves a chance at automatic qualification. With that scoreline, Denmark simply needed Belgium to win over Finland, and that they did! Belgium finish atop the group as expected, but it's Denmark who finish in 2nd with Finland sitting in 3rd. Russia round out the group finishing at the bottom.


I said this one would be quick, and it was! For more content like this, give us a follow @SSN_Futbol and @Sidelines_SN!

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