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#Euro2020 Review: MATCHDAY 10

Matchday 3 has begun! We have officially began the double matchdays which determine how the group stages will finish! It's all on the line now - who will step up, and who will fail to qualify?

Italy (1) vs Wales (0) | Group A - Matchday 3 | Rome, Italy Over 1000 minutes of gametime. That is how long it has been since Italy last conceded a goal. That is simply an amazing statistic, no matter the opponents they have faced. Though they weren't able to score, Wales did not lose by enough to move them to 3rd place in the group, so Wales finish high enough to automatically qualify for the knockout stages! Italy were able to properly control the game throughout, but they were unable to convert many of their chances. The first and only goal of the match came in the 39th minute when Matteo Pessina finished off a perfectly executed set-piece for the Italians. Wales did see a player have to leave the match in the 55th minute when Ethan Ampadu received a red card after a hard studs up challenge into an Italy player.

As mentioned, Italy controlled the game with 64% possession and taking 23 shots with 6 on goal. Wales only had 36% possession and only managed 3 shots during the match.

Having already clinched qualification, Italy simply needed a result here to clinch 1st place in the group, and that they got. Italy finish in 1st while Wales finish in 2nd in Group A. Both teams will continue on to the knockout stages of #Euro2020.

Switzerland (3) vs Turkey (1) | Group A - Matchday 3 | Baku, Azerbaijan Have a day, Xherdan Shaqiri! Shaqiri finished with two beautiful goals on the day with the first coming in the 25th minute. The shot was a magnificent one, coming from outside the edge of the penalty box and curling in to the upper 90. His second of the day came in the 68th minute to extend Switzerland's lead back to 2 as Turkey had scored to make the difference 1 only 7 minutes before. The very first goal of the game came from Haris Seferovic in only the 6th minute which put Switzerland ahead early. Finally, not to be forgotten was Turkey's first goal of the tournament which was a gorgeous strike in the upper 90 as well!

From a statistical standpoint, the game was extremely even, as both sides had about 50% possession and both teams took several shots. Switzerland took 23 shots and Turkey took 19. To the neutral fan, this was an excellent and fun game to watch.

With the win, Switzerland sit in 3rd place in Group A only behind Wales on goal difference. Switzerland will now have to play the waiting game to see if they will qualify for the knockout stages of #Euro2020. Turkey have been eliminated from the tournament having finished 4th in their group.


Check back here tomorrow for another update just like this one on the previous days' matches! Also follow us at @SSN_Soccer for more up-to-date content from #Euro2020!

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