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Duke vs. Michigan State

Two Titans do battle tonight!

The first Super Tuesday is back and the guys over here at Kollege Sports could not be more excited. Two games, Four great teams. But the main match up I will be focusing on is the Duke vs. Michigan State game. For those of you who don’t know, I am almost positive that I am one of the only Duke fans here at Kollege Sports and I have been getting torn up by the rest of the crew for Duke Football. But now it’s my turn; I get to be one who is doing all the gloating because Duke OWNS basketball season.

Both teams are undefeated coming into this game, Michigan State playing two games and Duke playing 1. MSU beat Notre Dame and Eastern Michigan. The Spartans will be more prepared coming Into this game having already played an ACC opponent. Duke meanwhile, has only played in one game against Coppin state, a game that they were expected to win easily.

Looking at the rosters, Michigan State has a veteran team with plenty of upperclassmen and a particularly talented PG in Foster Loyer. Foster had a handful of points in the past two games along with him hitting six three pointers against Eastern Michigan. MSU has a more experienced team and I think I thus experience and talent should help them in this competitive game against Duke. Duke has a different type of team, one that isn’t loaded with freshmen talent like usual. But they do have two very talented freshmen, one is DJ Steward who had 24 points against Coppin State. Another key standout is freshmen Jalen Johnson who was powerful on the boards and on offense with 19 points and 19 rebounds. Duke also has upper classmen that will help them with their maturity on the court; a problem that has plagued Duke considering a few seasons ago it seemed the freshmen star power would be insufficient in cutting down the nets by year's end. Side note, losing Jack White might actually help us hit a 3 this year.

I’m going with duke on this one (obviously) but can’t wait to watch this game tonight. Go Devils

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