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McBride & The Mountaineers win against the South Dakota State Jackrabbits 79-71

First off hats off to the Jackrabbits, if they make it to the tournament they could be a bracket buster. Where to start... Way too Close. I know they were a last second replacement, but West Virginia played way too sloppy if my Banner prediction is to come true.

Player Of The Game: Miles “Deuce” McBride

23 points 4 assists 1 rebound. From the opening tip, he played with a ton of confidence for a player coming into his second season. For every punch South Dakota St had, Deuce had a 2 piece combo to return! Hats off to Sean McNeil as well, 16 points 2 assists 5 rebounds, definitely looked confident shooting the ball.

Honestly this game was way to close, let’s not kid ourselves, the Mountaineers only shot 25% from three. That is something we definitely need to tweak as the season progresses; WVU will not be able to keep pace with the overwhelming number of talented Big 12 teams this year if they can't improve that percentage. Overall we shot 39 percent from the field, compared to SDSU's 43 percent. WVU definitely rushed a lot of shots and at times got ahead of themselves and allowed a creeping sense of arrogance to pervade their play. West Virginia has a lot to work on considering they’ve added the No 1 team in the nation next week.

Well folks, this is this first game of the 2020-21 season and WVU is 1-0!! The winner of Utah State and VCU game will be decided tomorrow at 2:30. I undoubtedly suspect that Huggs and the boys are getting ready to go back to work and get ready... In the words of Tony Caridi, ”Its a great day to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be!”


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