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Defense Anyone?

Well, let’s just say like the majority of UVa fans I am NOT HAPPY.

Two weeks in a row the Hoos have underperformed. Badly. Offensively, the Hoos didn’t play that bad. The three-man rotation at QB actually worked well for a lot of the night. The only problem is Wake finally figured out that Thompson and Armstead were going to run every time, and that they posed no threat to pass. That being said, the running game actually was very good this week. Wayne Taulapapa broke off a nice touchdown run, and the two running QBs were effective on the ground. Average Joe Lindell Stone and his barely 6-foot 240-pound frame couldn’t get it done through the air though. Hopefully having The Red Rocket back in action next week will solve some of those issues. He’s by far the best option for this team. Offensively, I’m not worried about this team at all.

Defensively, YIKES. Big play after big play after big play really did the Hoos in against Wake. The secondary was supposed to be the strongest unit of the entire team this year. I just can’t explain what’s happening. This defense was supposed to carry the offense. If this unit doesn’t pick it up soon, UVa could run the risk of having a big setback year. The pass rush has been slim to none as well. That’s got to pick up. I can’t remember a time when UVa defense wasn’t extremely solid. It’s always been offensive issues. They have GOT to pick it up if UVa wants to win even one more game.

The Hoos will take on #11 Miami Saturday night at Hard Rock Stadium. Fans, you might need a drink or two for this one. Defensively, the Hoos will have their hands full with a talented dual-threat QB in D’Eriq King. I really think if the defense can stop giving up big plays the Hoos will have a shot in this one if Brennan Armstrong is back. Please, for the love of God can we get off to a good first quarter start?! It seems like every game the Hoos start off down 14-0. You’re not going to win many ballgames like that. If they can get off to a good start and not give up so many big plays, the Hoos will have a shot in Hardrock Saturday. If not, I might need a shot.

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