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#CopaAmerica Review: MATCHDAY 5

Group B was back in action today. We saw thrilling finishes and even an unexpected victory as the Group B table sits tight in the fight for the Top 4.


Venezuela (2) vs Ecuador (2) | Group B - Matchday 2/3 | Estadio Nilton Santos Venezuela came back from a deficit not once but twice in this match. Ecuador took the lead to start the game in the 39th minute when Ayrton Preciado struck. Edson Castillo of Venezuela would find the equalizer in the 51st minute, only for Venezuelan hearts to be broken in the 71st minute when Gonzalo Plata found the go-ahead goal for the Ecuadorians. All hope wasn't lost though for Venezuela. Despite the lopsided possession difference in the match, Venezuela found a LATE equalizer in stoppage time of the 2nd half as Ronald Hernandez scored to give Venezuela the late and dramatic draw to start the day in Copa America. Ecuador held 69% (nice) possession in this match, but it wasn't enough as Venezuela took full advantage of their 9 shots during the match. Evidently, Ecuador's 19 shots weren't enough to make a difference and find a winner. With the draw, both teams earn a point to their tally as Venezuela now totals 2 points through 3 matches and Ecuador totals 1 point through 2 matches. Are these the 2 teams we see fighting for that 4th place qualification spot at the end of the group stages?

Colombia (1) vs Peru (2) | Group B - Matchday 2/3 | Olimpico Pedro Ludovico Peru delivered a shock to the Colombian's today as they stole all 3 points following a mid-2nd half own goal from Yerry Mina of Colombia to give Peru a 2-1 lead. The Peruvians were able to hold that lead for the remaining 30 minutes and take all 3 points from this one! Peru's Sergio Pena scored the first goal of the game as well as he scored in only the 17th minute of the match. Colombia's Miguel Borja answered early in the 2nd half as he converted on a given penalty following a foul in the box.

Both teams were relatively level based on the number of shots taken as Colombia took 12 and Peru took 13. Despite these higher numbers, only 1 true goal was scored between the two sides. Colombia did control more possession than Peru, but Peru used more of a counterattacking style to their advantage. With Peru's victory, they move up to 3rd place in the group now totaling 3 points. Colombia still sits tight in 2nd place after falling for the first time at #CopaAmerica2021. They total 4 points throughout the tournament so far.


Check back here tomorrow for another update just like this one on the previous days' matches! Also follow us at @SSN_Soccer for more up-to-date content from #CopaAmerica!

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