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America needs College Football !

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

As many students and fans exist in the luke warm restart of school and work many look to football as a spark of normalcy.

Fans at a ficticious party of a made up school enjoying a non existent game bc this would never happen right now.

“I think the fans deserve some entertainment and a break from the pandemic. It restores a positive mindset." Dr. Mike Smith

Something to cheer about.

While many Americans are cloistered in their homes fearing the effects of Covid-19, brave warriors have chosen to strap up and get after it on the grid iron. This is nothing to scoff at because unlike we mortals our heros have to endure their normal weight training, running, drills, getting yelled at AND getting tested up the nose three times weekly. Ouch. Why go through this? Because those players that are participating just get it. They understand we need football, especially now. Our brains are meant to be active and engaged and staying home during the quarantine practically drove us fans up the stinking wall. I literally caught myself drooling over ten year old rivalry games. I would watch fantastic games and bio pieces about Bo Jackson and Hunter Renfrow and think, wow maybe I coulda played college ball. Then I snap out of fantasy land and realize I'm comparing my physique in the mirror to Hunter Renfrow. This madness has to stop we need football and how. Thanks to all the brave heros of our out there risking infection for our entertainment....and sanity!

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