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Today's Q&A is with Christian Gray, a 2023 4 star CB. The De Smet product out of Saint Louis, Mo, he currently has 1 offer from Kansas State

Q: How did your season go for your team, and how did you perform?

A: My team The De Smet Jesuit Spartans we made it to the state championship but sadly we lost, but what we got out of making it to state is, our football team became a family and we got closer to each other to trust one another on the field and off. I didn’t start on varsity I was second string behind Jakialin Johnson, but I did had a lot of playing time.

Q: Can you tell me how your day goes, and when u work out and classes, and just stuff you do everyday?

A: Everyday is a blessing because waking up is a sign that God has a plan for you. When I wake up I pray and then head off to school, my classes are sometimes fun because some of them I have friends in. After school I work out with my team in the weight room then I head off to practice, sometimes we goof around but we always get the work done we always know when to focus up and get the job done.

Q: Can you tell me about your offer, and some schools that are reaching out to you?

A: I like Kansas State, and right now i'm open with my recruitment. Yes, some schools are reaching out, but I can't talk to them, they talk to my coach.

Q: Who do you look up to, and who is your favorite player?

A: I look up to my 7on7 coach, Coach Greg Wayne and my favorite player is D.K. Metcalf

Q: Ok, I have 1 more question that I ask everyone, do you feel like you are getting enough recognition or do feel you are slept on?

A: Can I say both, because some people think I’m not at that level but others like 247 see me at that level.

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