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Cashin' Checks and Snappin' Necks: Bobby Petrino's back...Again

^Petrino addressing accusations of adultery, improper business relationships, and misuse of school funds.

Nine Lives Bobby

How many second chances does one get before finally being put out to pasture? Clearly disgraced coach Bobby Petrino has yet to find out. After several falls from grace in both the collegiate and professional realm, you would think schools would know better by now. Yet Petrino is back in the folds once again. This time at FCS Missouri State. Obviously the success Coach Petrino had at Louisville and Arkansas was too enticing for MO State to dwell on his bad behavior.

This is the same guy who skipped town on Louisville with the ink not even dry on his new 10 year deal in order to coach the Atlanta Falcons. After ungraciously quitting the Falcons, not even a year into his tenure, he landed with the Arkansas Razorbacks. A string of tremendously successful seasons were marred by Petrino's adulterous scandal with his recently hired mistress. Not to mention the abuse of a position of power and allegedly paying his mistress thousands of dollars in school funds as a Christmas gift. He only fessed up after he crashed his motorcycle with the mistress aboard and the cops threatened to out him.

After his dismissal from Arkansas, Petrino took a massive pay cut to become head coach at Western Kentucky, where, despite contractual obligations to be there for 4 years, he only stuck around for one season. In a move that surprised many, Louisville came crawling back to Petrino for one last go around. Lucky for Petrino, his failures as a coach and as a man were hidden by the dazzling performances of Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. Only after Jackson's departure were the program's inadequacies exposed leading to a 2-8 campaign and Petrino's subsequent firing.

And now after some time off to contemplate his decades of poor behavior, ole Bobbys found himself back in the college Missouri State. Who knows if Petrino has actually learned from his mistakes and turned a new leaf, but if his past is any indicator then don't be surprised if wild antics erupt in Springfield, Missouri. Could be a long season judging by their rather merciful 48-0 loss at the hands of Lincoln Riley's Sooner squad.

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