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BIG Implications Regarding UVa vs. Clemson In Article Below

Next on the Hoos schedule… Clemson. I don’t expect Trevor Lawrence to make the same mistakes that Chase Brice did. Here’s an idea, cut Trevor Lawrence’s hair off. That has to be the source of his power, right?

In all seriousness, UVa’s defense is going to have to deliver another near perfect performance if they want to give their offense a shot. Mixing up some DB pressures and giving Lawrence different looks with Noah Taylor and Charles Snowden dropping into coverage may help to throw him off. The best road to victory for the Cavs is another exceptional performance from the Cavs’ D. We need a damn turnover chain or something. Come on let the boys flex A.D. (Carla Williams).

Offensively, Armstrong is going to have to stop making bad decisions/reads. He needs to stay within the offense and get the ball to the likes of Kemp, Davis, big, transfer tight end Tony Poljan, Terrell Jana, and his running backs. No matter who the QB is. Mendenhall needs to keep a steady diet of the run game during this one as well. We have to see more of a running threat out of the QB position. I look for UVa to make this a tougher game than Clemson is expecting. And if they play perfect, who knows what could happen.

*Anonymous sources say multiple UVa players may be out due to Covid

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