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Arkansas Post Season Awards

In November I posted a few twitter polls for fans to vote on post season awards for the Hogs. I will be using these polls as a basis for the winner of these awards, but ultimately I will pick based on who I would have voted for. After all, this is just for fun.


My offensive MVP, with the fans agreeing, is QB Feleipe Franks. Franks transferred in from Florida and gave the hogs their first competent QB in 3 years. Not only did he come in and complete 163 of 238 passes for 2,107 yards, 17 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions, he was also the leader of the team. He lead the team to 3 SEC wins after not winning a conference game since 2017. Although some other player were promising candidates for this award, Franks was by far the most importat piece to the Razorbacks success.

Credit: Courtney Culbreath-Handout Photo

Honorable Mention: Treylon Burks

Defensive MVP

My DMVP was none other than Jalen Catalon. Jalen was a volatile piece the Razorback defense. He was snubbed for multiple post-season awards and was honestly the best safety in the country.

Honroable Mention: Grant Morgan

Credit: Nick Wenger

Freshman of the Year

Probably the easiest pick of the awards; this one goes to Jalen Catalon. Not much to say other than the dude was just a force, especially for a freshman.

Newcomer of the Year

This awards is going to go to RB Trelon Smith. Smith was huge for the offense and in backing up and eventually replacing Rakeem Boyd. The transfer for Arizone State lived up to hype with his quickness including an 82 yard run vs Florida.

Credit: University of Arkansas Athletics

Honorable Mention: Feleipe Franks

Breakout Player of the Year

This awards is going to be a tie between Grant Morgan and De'Vion Warren. Both players had huge seasons for the Hogs, Grant Morgan lead the conference and was second in the country in tackles and Warren probably could have been the team leader in receiving yards if he wasn't sidelined by a season-ending knee injury.

Credit: Brett Rojo USA Today Sports/ Nick Wenger

Honorable Mention: Blake Kern

Most Improved Player

This award goes to my favorite player on the team, Mr. Woodville, Mike Woods. Woods showed serious improvement in his route running and the stats showed it. He burned multiple defenders on deep balls and was always a threat with his goal line slants. Subscribe to Woodville on youtube.

Credit: Arkansas Communications

Honorable Mention: Joe Foucha

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