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3-star ATH Mikeece Jones Talks Top Schools

Earlier this week, I was able to interview 3-star ATH Mikeece Jones about his top schools. His current Top 9 are Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana, Memphis, Arkansas, Tennessee State, Tennessee, South Carolina, & Tulane. Jones attends Hillsboro High School in Nashville, TN and is ranked 824th in the country via 247Sports Composite.

I asked him to tell me what stands out for each school in his Top List and here’s what Jones told me:

Indiana- “The thing that stands out about Indiana is the way they operate, I like the LEO thing they have going on”

Kentucky- “Something that stands out about Kentucky is how they are getting some of my friends to commit there”

Virginia- “I would describe Virginia as a well fit university and they keep in touch and show lots of love”

Memphis- “The thing that stand out about Memphis is their culture and how they show love my way”

Arkansas- “The thing I like about Arkansas is they keep in contact and play great competition”

Tennessee State- “The thing that stands out about TSU is the coaches there bringing in and they keep in touch”

South Carolina- “What I like about South Carolina is how they are getting their DBs on the radar”

Tennessee- “The thing I like about UT is it’s not too far from home”

Tulane- “What I like about Tulane is the season they had and the city their located in”

When I asked Mikeece if Tennessee State being an HBCU make them stand out in any way he told me “Oh yea of course that’s one of the main reason their in my top 9”. The Tigers recently hired former NFL star Eddie George to be their new head coach.

Jones has three schools located in Tennessee (Tennesse, Tennessee State, & Memphis) and he tells me the hometown factor does not play a part in his decision and they are just some of the schools that kept in contact more than others.

I asked Jones what schools would he say are recruiting him the hardest, or who he considers to be the leaders. He told me Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana have been reaching out the most and he plans on setting up official visits with those schools soon.

When I asked about what he is looking for in a school, Jones told me “I just want a good education and being able to play and show off what I’ve worked hard for”. He also tells me he is unsure of when he will be committing as of now.

Mikeece is an outstanding player and a great person, I cant wait to see where he ends up playing in college.

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