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'24 WR/DB Rahshawn Clark-Life Christian Academy

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Devin: Hey Rahshawn, ready to get started?

Rahshawn: Yes.

Devin: Awesome brother, what does your normal day look like?

Rahshawn: Wake up around 6am, get ready for school leave the house around 7:45, get to school at 8:10-8:15 do school till 2:50. When I get home I do homework till I’m done, then play video games till 10:30, then I go to sleep.

Devin: What do you think your strengths are as a player?

Rahshawn: On offense/special teams it’s what I can do after the catch and my vision. On defense, it’s how patient I am while guarding a receiver.

Devin: Your vision is phenomenal. It’s awesome to watch what you do in the open field as well. Your agility/speed is very impressive. What makes you able to excel at being patient while guarding a WR?

Rahshawn: Knowing my speed and knowing the receivers that I’m guarding speed.

Devin: Do you watch a lot of film leading up to the games? How much film of the opposing WR’s do you watch?

Rahshawn: 1 hour a day usually.

Devin: What’s it like to train and play at Heir Academy? I talked to Coach Kevin Jones before our talk here, he said nothing but great things about you and your work ethic.

Rahshawn: It feels really good cause I’m only surrounded by people who want the best for me and push me to my limits every time I step into weight room or step on the field.

Devin: Everyone at Heir Academy seems very supportive of each other. It truly does seem like a family from the outside looking in. How did it feel to be named 1st team all league WR, DB, and returner?

Rahshawn: It feels good because I've been telling everyone around me, I'm an athlete not just a DB.

Devin: I definitely think you proved to everyone you can play on both sides of the ball, and return at an elite level. Your film proves that for itself. Is there a position you prefer to play?

Rahshawn: No, just waiting to see how my body develops.

Devin: Do you think there's advantages to playing both sides of the play? If so, what are those advantages?

Rahshawn: Yeah I think there is advantages, you have to worry about me on defense and offense which makes it easier for my teammates to get open and stuff like that.

Devin: That’s very true, teammates excelling is also very important. You seem like a great leader for your team on and off the field. How did it feel to receive your first D1 offers? As well the other ones?

Rahshawn: It felt really good that all the hard work and faith I put in god is paying off.

Devin: There’s many many more to come my man. Are there any other colleges that stand out to you right now?

Rahshawn: Washington, Cal-Berkeley, and Oregon.

Devin: Are you attending any camps this summer?

Rahshawn: The camps I’m attending are Alabama on the 14th, Miami on the 16th, UW on the 26th and PLU on the 27th.

Devin: What do you look forward to taking away from those camps? Are you looking forward to a certain one in particular?

Rahshawn: I’m looking forward to the exposure from all the different colleges. I’m most looking forward to the Washington camp.

Devin: One last question before I let you go, what type of player will a school be getting if they land you? Rahshawn: If a school lands me, the type of player they will get is a fully committed guy that will do anything to win.

Devin: Great answer, Rahshawn. Thanks for sitting down and talking with me. You’re an amazing young man and you’re going to do big things. Let me know how your camps go this summer, maybe we can chat again during the season and catch up. Have a great day man.

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