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’23 ATH Jabrae Shaw—Watson Chapel High School

Devin: Hey Jabrae, ready to get this going?

Jabrae: Yessir.

Devin: What does your normal day look like? Starting when you wake up.

Jabrae: Take care of my personal hygiene, eat, then knock out 100 push ups/sit-ups, then I go out to the field for a little work.

Devin: What type of workouts are you doing out on the field?

Jabrae: I do some ladder work than run a couple 40 yard dashes after that, I’ll do some running back work out than switch to some DB work.

Devin: That’s great, what kind of workouts do you specifically do for RB? What kind of workouts for DB?

Jabrae: With RB, I’ll do change of direction weaving thru the wholes. For DB, I’ll cover some older boys and work on opening my hips and breaking down on the ball.

Devin: Those are great workouts, I can tell by your film that you work on those things. How much time do you spend watching film? Who’s film to you like to watch?

Jabrae: Around the season I’ll watch it everyday for bout 30 minute to an hour. Who ever I see will be a problem on Friday night then, I’ll watch their film.

Devin: Good mindset to have there. Are there any players that you model your game after? Either on offensively or defensively?

Jabrae: On the offensive side I feel like I compare to LeVeon Bell. On the defensive side I compare myself to Jalen Ramsey, just because I got that mindset like I’m the best player on the field.

Devin: Those are great players to model your game after. The mindset of being the best out there is very important as well, it shows that you play with confidence. What motivates you to keep working harder?

Jabrae: I’m motivated because i know when I’m not working I know other people out there are, so I got to work everyday so I don't fall behind. Another reason is because I want to make my family proud.

Devin: You have amazing work ethic, Jabrae. You’re an amazing young man and you will continue to grow and get better every day. I know your family would be proud of everything you’ve done and everything you will accomplish. Are you planning on going to anymore camps this summer?

Jabrae: This Saturday will be my last camp it at Louisville.

Devin: What other camps have you attended this summer?

Jabrae: Memphis, Arkansas St, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Central Arkansas.

Devin: What do you think you took away most from those camps?

Jabrae: I will remember how tough college is I like the work I got out of it I walked away from that camp knowing I got better.

Devin: What made you feel like you got better from the camp?

Jabrae: Drills I never seen before going 100% a lot of running I just know I got better them days.

Devin: Thats great. I’m glad you got better when you went. What do you think are your strengths as a player?

Jabrae: My ability to make quick cuts, juke moves, and my break away speed is good. On the defensive side my only strength is my mentality that the guy in front of me is not catching a ball all game.

Devin: I wouldn’t say that’s your only strength, you’re great at adjusting when the ball is in the air as well as many other things. Your quick feet and speed is phenomenal. What do you feel are your weaknesses?

Jabrae: I just want to get my speed up to at least a 4.3.

Devin: You’ll be able too if you keep grinding like you are. I know you have a couple offers already, do any other schools stand out to you? Or have you been in contact with any other schools?

Jabrae: Louisville, Central Arkansas, and Arkansas Tech.

Devin: That’s awesome to hear my man. One last question before I let you go, what type of player will a college be getting, if they land you?

Jabrae: Hard working and competitive kid won’t let them down who ever give me the chance

Devin: That’s a great answer and I would definitely agree with that. Thanks for taking the time to chat today, Jabrae!

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