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2023 5-Star Alabama Cornerback Jahlil Hurley!!!



The 2023 cornerback from Florence, AL, has offers from both instate schools in Auburn and Alabama. He currently has a crystal ball prediction to Alabama. The 5-star also has offers to Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kansas, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi State, Penn State, South Carolina, Tulsa, and UCF. I asked him some questions, these are his answers!

Q: How did your season go for your team, and how did you perform?

A: We only played 6 games, it didn’t go so well because of COVID but we did good for the little amount that we played I played great I had like 14 targets with a 0% completion percentage and I had 36 tackles and I got 1st team All Area or something like that and Second team All State.

Q: Can you tell me how your day goes, and when u work out and classes, and just stuff you do everyday?

A: I usually get up at 7:15 so I can make breakfast and just get ready for school, I have to be in my first class by 8:10 and on days that I go to basketball, I workout first period so Tuesday and Thursdays I work out in 1st period which is weight lifting and after that I go to this class to do my work for the week and at 3:25 schools let’s out and I go in the indoor and train with my coach.

Q: Can you tell me about some of your offers, and some schools that are sticking out to you?

A: Well I have most of the top school in the country which is a huge blessing and the school that are sticking out to me are all the ones that are willing to give me a chance to play at the next level but as of right now I’m not close with any coach

Q: Who do you look up to, and who is your favorite player?

A: I look up to my corner coach and my favorite play has to be either Jaycee Horn from South Caroline or Derek Stingley Jr. from LSU.

Q: Ok, I have 1 more question that I ask everyone, do you feel like you are getting enough recognition or do feel you are slept on?

A: I feel that I’m getting enough as of right now.

Check out some highlights from the 6'3 165 Ib sophmore:

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