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2022 QB Matt Xiques Q&A

Devin: Okay Matt, are you ready?

Matt: Yes, sir.

Devin: What does normal day look like? Starting from when you wake up.

Matt: A normal day for me is waking up at about 7 in the morning, brushing my teeth, washing my face then I get dressed and go downstairs to get a bowl of cereal and a few granola bars for my first meal and going to school unfortunately this year is virtual school. But when I finish school, I get myself a peanut butter sandwich and have my second meal then I make a protein shake and when that is finished, I will put it in the refrigerator to get it cold and go for a run. When I get back from my run, I drink my shake than I go to All Star Sports Academy to work on my speed and agility from about 2-3:30 than I go straight to weight training from 4-5:30. After weight training I come home eat dinner with my family than go to the field and throw about 100 deep throws into a trash can, after that I come home, take a shower, then I go downstairs to hang out with my brothers until about 10:00 and then head to bed.

Devin: That's awesome to hear Matt, you seem like you are an incredibly hard worker. What's it like to work at All Star Sports Academy? Do you work on those things daily? Or do you change it up from time to time?

Matt: Yes sir, thank you very much I work as hard as I can every day. It’s great to work over there my trainer Brian. He helps out Frankie Edgar when he fights, so working with Brian is not easy. But to get to where I want to be, is not easy. We stick to speed and agility because I explained to him that I have a great weight trainer.

Devin: That makes sense and is very true, you do need to work hard but it seems like you're doing amazing. What does Brian do exactly to push you to grow?

Matt: Thank you, sir I really appreciate it. Brian helps me out with keeping my balance and resistance work with bands and a Vertimax; which helps me jump higher while being pulled down. He also works on my drill foot work so like the 5-10-5 shuttle and the L drill as well as my 40-yard dash.

Devin: Brian seems like an amazing trainer for you. How do you feel those drills help you during games? How does that help set yourself apart from other opponents?

Matt: He is a great trainer, one of the best in the east coast in my opinion. I feel like they help me because of the explosive step. He really helps me with balance, if I’m in the pocket and it’s closing on me fast, he has worked with me on putting my foot in the ground and getting out of there while staying on my feet. I believe that helps me because he simulates game scenarios for me by grabbing my arm or my shoulder and I would have to fight him off of me while holding on to the ball and staying on my feet; as if defensive linemen were there to get me, with most people I feel like the just work on escaping and not focusing on the defenders getting to you sometimes and you having to fight them off so I believe that is what gives me the edge.

Devin: That's very smart. Being able to dodge defensive lineman coming at you from all angles and being able to stay balanced is key. I can tell from your film that you focus on that; you look very comfortable in the pocket and able to roll out very well. What are some of your other strengths as a QB?

Matt: Thank you, sir! And yes, it is. I look at all of the pro QB’s and college guys, they all keep their balance extremely well. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my film. Some of my strengths as a QB is my ability to keep my eyes downfield even on the move, also my ability to win over the locker room in summer camp because without my receivers I can’t do too much myself I also pride myself on my overall football IQ. I also pride myself on being able to put the ball everywhere on the field to make the defense have to cover every area on the field.

Devin: That's true, they have excellent balance. What makes you be able to always have your eyes downfield? Your receivers are very important, as you know. Can't forget about your O Lineman as well! They protect your body on the field, which is important. You do a great job at putting the ball everywhere, you have great arm strength. Do you spend some of your day to watch film to improve your football IQ? Or how do you improve that for yourself?

Matt: Oh, yeah after every drive this season, I went up to my O-line and thanked them for doing such a great job blocking for me, and for me keeping my eyes downfield just comes naturally because I know that the ball will move faster than any man so I think to myself why run myself when I will only get five yards, than have to punt when I can throw the ball 15 yards and get the first down. I do rewatch film, I watch my old high school film to see what reads I could have made better, or I watch the defense to see if it’s cover 1 or cover 3, and see if the safeties are deep or not. Thank you sir, it really means a lot hearing from someone other than my family because they are super supportive of me, so sometimes they might not give me great feedback but thank you I have put in countless hours of hard work. It means a lot.

Devin: You are very welcome. You seem like an amazing teammate and leader, Matt. I love your push to accumulate more yards and excel your teammates further as well. It's a great quality to have in a QB. Looking over your film, you can definitely tell that you have a great read on the secondary. You have great potential! It's always great to have a family that supports you that much. You are attending Milford Academy next year, correct? Did you choose to attend there? If so, why?

Matt: Thank you, that means so much to me! I really appreciate the time you took to look at my film. I love my family so much without them none of this would be possible. Yes, I am attending Milford Academy, I chose to go there because I wanted to get a feel of how it is living away from home and getting to play the college schools, like army and navy, while being able to get another year older because I’m still only 17 years old so I’m a young senior. I get to continue to mature while I become bigger, faster, and stronger all while not letting go of a year of college eligibility.

Devin: That's a very strong decision to make, very good job. Being able to be away from home and grow independently will be a big thing for you. I would love to hear about the season as it happens! Were there any other schools that interested you?

Matt: Yes sir, it was not easy but my family supported me 100% of the way. I will definitely let you know how the season goes. There were a few D3 schools that were interested, but if I’m being honest with myself and you, D3 is not where I wanted to go. I think Milford is the best fit for me and is exactly what I was looking for.

Devin: It’s good to believe in yourself and to keep pushing. I see you're attending a number of camps this month, what do you hope to take away from those experiences?

Matt: Yes sir! And yes, I’m staying very busy but what I’m most excited about is getting out there in front of the coaches and showcasing myself to try and catch their eye and have them take a chance on me because I will not let them down.

Devin: That's great confidence to have. I believe you'll show them all what you are capable of. Do any colleges interest you?

Matt: Thank you, sir. Yes, I am really interested in Syracuse, North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Florida State. Those are my top three but I also like Michigan State and Nebraska.

Devin: What intrigues you most about those schools?

Matt: I really like Syracuse because of the distance from my family, I’m far enough to have independence but they can make it to all the games, I also see a lot of my game in Tommy Devito’s game so I feel I would be a great fit in the program. Florida State, I really like the atmosphere and school, the weather down there is a plus too. North Carolina, I have liked them ever since I was little, so that is why.

Devin: One last question before I let you go, what type of player will a school be getting if they land you?

Matt: Thank you, sir I hope they look my way! They would be getting a leader in every way. A leader that would break all his bones for his team and give everything for his team. A competitor who even if I was on the scout team, would give my best effort to prepare the guys that are lucky enough to suit up, but they would get such a hard worker no matter what school that gives me a chance, I will not make them regret it.

Devin: Any college will be lucky to have you attend their school! Thank you for your time, Matt. You're an amazing young man and you're going to do great things in the future. I can't wait to keep up with your coming up season and the rest of your journey. Please keep me updated with how the season, as well as your camps this summer go. Can't wait to talk again, have a great rest of your day.

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